Tired of going it alone?

For so many years, I trudged along in my business by myself. I knew I needed to improve things, so I watched YouTube videos and listened to podcasts. It was so frustrating when the youtubers had a slightly different camera model or website platform, or worse, never even got around to the content advertised! Podcasts were hit or miss as well.

I needed someone to speak right to me. I had paid for several pre-recorded courses, which I enjoyed, but nothing beats one on one. To have my questions answered directly by a real person who was looking at my work - that's when real growth occurred. Here are some of the most common inquires I get for one on one coaching:

Pricing structure

I have guided many in how they should structure their pricing, what they should offer, how they should lay it out and present it. How you present your pricing is an important cornerstone of your client experience.

website critique

I absolutely love providing feedback on your website or helping you build one from scratch. From how it should flow to what you should say and who you are saying it to, we can perfect it together! The website is your storefront, a gatekeeper for all your clients.


It doesn't do much good to have a stunning website and beautiful pricing guide if no one is finding you. I am happy to share what has helped me actually rank on page 1 after so many years of "I'm sure it will happen naturally in time". Spoiler alert, it did not. Once I made some easy tweaks, I saw changes almost immediately.

What are people saying?



“I was in need of same day coaching and Whitney was able to schedule an hour phone session with me right away! I highly recommend any photographers looking to build their business invest in coaching with Whitney. She is very responsive and full of creative ideas to share. Thank you Whitney!”

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Do we do this in person or over the phone?

I am based out of Tampa Bay/Clearwater in Florida. If you are local, I'm happy to meet up for coffee. Most of the time, we do a simple phone call or FaceTime. I typically schedule my coaching calls for evening (after I wrestle those kids into bed), but I can accommodate other requests as well.

Do you have any courses or tracks?

At this time, I simply offer phone (or in person) consultations by the hour. That's usually enough time for 1 project - for example, Identifying your dream client, or getting started in email marketing.
I don't have a set track because it's custom to what you need. But a common pattern that people have followed is - pricing guide, website critique, website copy, SEO, email marketing, specific project.

What is your rate?

It's $100/hour for the phone consultation, $75/hour for consecutive hours. I also do ask that you send me your website and any relevant content prior to the meeting, so that I can take a look and be prepared to max out our time together.

Do you offer full day coaching with shooting?

If you are local (or wanting to vacation to the beach), we can set up full day coaching. Typically this involves a pre-session consult by phone, coffee shop date in the morning, styled shoot or headshots, then wrapping up the day however you see fit (editing those pictures together? workflow? Website copy?). Message me for a custom quote.

Any type of coaching you Don't offer?

I am a natural light family and headshot photographer, so I do not coach about weddings, boudoir, styled newborns, or artificial lighting. And while I do have a lot to offer regarding email marketing and organic marketing strategy, I am not your girl when it comes to paid advertising. If you have a specific question or problem in mind, message me and I will be very honest about whether or not I can help. I want to make sure our time to get is valuable and productive!

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