Portrait photography prints

Fifteen years from now, when you are planning your daughter's senior yearbook page or a slideshow for your son's wedding, will you scroll through thousands of photos on Facebook to find your precious baby pictures - only to realize that these files have been compressed and are no longer suitable for printing? Do you keep your memories on your phone and hope it doesn't crash or run out of space? Are you like me and you have gorgeous images to adorn your walls, but the task of ordering, framing, and hanging seems overwhelming, so you put it off and stare at blank walls for years??

Shoot & burn

At one point, I was a shoot and burn photographer. Take the photos, give you the digitals, and be done with it. It's was easier for me since planning wall collections and albums is very time consuming. But it was also lazy and a disservice to my clients. Do you know how many times a client would print on their own, not realizing how terrible the quality is at places like Costco or Walgreens? Unless you're into that orange spray tan look, the result is very disappointing. After all the time you spent planning outfits, bribing your children (and husband), styling hair and makeup (and not to mention the money investment) - you don't want all that hard work undermined by a crappy print!

I want you to look your best, and print quality matters as much as the photo itself. My lab offers museum quality - with accurate color, mounted so they won't bend, and the fine linen texture is soft and doesn't glare if the light catches it wrong.

the never-ending to do

Another problem I noticed is that clients can't seem to make up their mind with regards to "What do I do with these photos". Some will post on Facebook and that's it. Their memories quickly sink to the bottom of the feed, forgotten and hard to find. I don't want to trust my memories to a social platform that may change, get hacked, and can't be held accountable if they lose them. Many clients ask me years down the road "Can you send me another copy of my images? I shared them, but never downloaded them". With the many clients that I serve, there's a fee to retrieve archived photos and I can't be your storage site for these pictures either. We can do better.

Another trend that I find is that families are busy! (shocking news, right?!). Spring comes around and families are still trying to choose what they want to print from their fall session...sending me an email here or there each month while they slowly make up their mind and try to get it done. It's not that it's not important to them, it's just that the To Do lists of life press in from all sides. I want to help with that.

You had pictures taken so that you could smile every time you look to your walls. So that when your kids are throwing a tantrum, you could glance up and remember their sweetness. So that when they are entering a new stage and resembling a big kid, you can remember what they looked like with dimpled knuckles and a toothless grin.

I can help with this

I am excited to unveil my new platform for ordering prints and products. Instead of just viewing your gallery, hitting download, and then navigating (and motivating) on your own for you print orders...I now have an easy solution. After viewing the gallery, you can right click and select "order in an 8x10 print" or "add 16x24 canvas to cart" and check out in a one stop shop.

with the end in mind

The gallery is also equipped with several mock ups - living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, etc that you can play around with. You can drag photos, make them bigger or smaller, test out a collage. You can even take a picture of your living room and upload your own photo!

For some reason, people gravitate towards 8x10s for everything and they don't realize that those really belong on a shelf, not on a wall! Being able to visualize your photos in action will take the guesswork out of what size print is appropriate for the space.

I hope you find this helpful

Rather than leaving you on your own to figure this out or trying to coordinate our schedules and make time to meet, you'll have the tools you need to get the job done. And I will only be a phone call away.

And don't worry, there are still digitals included in every package! I still want you to be able to share your heart out on social media and have downloads to do with what you please. But I no longer want to stop at digitals. Because it is simply not enough.