Palm Harbor photographer: Headshots

Guys - it's me this time! I've started a new "branch" of my business so to speak - I've begun to offer mentoring and coaching for other photographers! It wasn't something I sought out or planned to do. It happened organically when people started to ask me "Do you offer coaching?" and "Where have you been my whole photo career?". I was taken a back at first, but after a few coaching sessions, I realized I actually do have a lot to offer! You can see my mentoring page here.

A new endeavor called for new headshots! Even though I loved my old headshot, it was several years old (a couple of kids ago) and my camera wasn't in them (cause I used it to take them!) =). Last weekend, exchanged headshots with a fellow photographer - Thanks Alissa Moore! I will show off her photos as soon as I'm done with them.

Being in front of the camera was as hard as I remember it to be! Feeling self conscious (especially in this packed coffee shop!), trying not to pose awkwardly, even outfit planning was hard! I live my whole life if yoga pants and nursing shirts. I thought I could just walk into the mall and walk out with a whole new wardrobe that I love. But as it turns out, fashion has moved on without me while I was momming hard, and the mall doesn't have the stores that I remember! Note to self - don't want until last minute to shop for outfits!

Last shout out - LOVE my new camera strap! My old one broke while I was out on a shoot and I was lucky that I had a good grip on my camera! I was offended and obviously didn't trust that strap again. I've had at least 2 straps that failed me, but this one screws on so I know it's safe! And it's a shoulder strap instead of all that weight on the neck! Had to give some love to my new photo bling =)