family photography at Indian Rocks Beach

This family was here on vacation, staying in a beachside condo on Indian Rocks Beach! What a stunning vacation spot.....with one little hiccup. Red tide rolled in that very day. We had been monitoring online and scoping out the beach and it all seemed good. But when I actually stepped out on the beach to shoot, we were coughing and sneezing the whole time! That was the first time I've experienced red tide and it's the real deal! The symptoms resolved completely once I got inside my car. Such a strange thing. But guess what? We knew (from experience) that sometimes in the midst of chaos, comes the most beautiful things. Think of the mess and pain of childbirth - a beautiful baby is the result. The chaos and stress of planning a party - a fun celebration follows. Feeling a bit dramatic comparing a photo session. But despite the craziness of posing next to dead fish, we created some of my best beach photos of all time! So let's raise a glass to all you flexible mamas! You are experts of rolling with it. We've been training for this! lol.