Dunedine Causeway photographer

I feel like every shoot is my new favorite shoot. But how fun is this one?! That car, that dress, that hair, that sky - all of it! Jenn, you looked stunning! And the car wasn't bad either. =)

This was actually a SUNRISE session. Yes, you read that right. Sunrise in January (luckily it's Florida though. But still - it was like 48 degrees!). We parked off to the side of the causeway and watched the sun come up. A police officer drove up. We were kind of parked in the middle of the rode and I was sure he was going to ask us to move. He rolled the window down and said "It's too cold for a photoshoot". He was right, but Jen handled it like a champ!

I may try to swing more people to book at sunrise. It's wayyy less crowded and there's no chance of running out of light if there are any delays or clouds. I'm a morning person, so I look and feel my best in the morning and then it all goes downhill from there. Where are my morning people at?? Jenn clearly is one. To look that amazing at the buttcrack of dawn and she doesn't even look cold!