Downtown Tarpon Springs Wedding - Corrie & MArshall

I have known Corrie since I was in diapers. Her mom actually used to babysit me (and then her mom went on to babysit my kids!). How sweet is that?!

I don't consider myself a wedding photographer, but it was hard to say no to this one. This wedding was full of style and full of laughter.

Her dress was made by her friend, Kelly. The goal was simplicity and elegance, with a hint of the unexpected! Hidden all over Corrie's dress were little surprises stitched on - a palm tree for Florida, her late grandmothers' names, a Christmas tree for their dog (named Christmas), a bright happy sun. And did you notice that the dress had pockets?! You can check out more of Kelly's work here.

When I went to shoot Corrie in her dress, she asked "Which angle makes me look strong?" She was joking of course and flexed for the camera, but I just loved that her question was not "How do I look beautiful?" or "How do I look skinny?". She was all of those things, but her goal was strength. Cause this is 2020...when women are rising up, coming into their own, and smashing stereotypes.

The ceremony took place at the the Tarpon Strain Depot. It was an actual train station, built in 1909, turned into a Historical museum. My grandfather actually has a display case with his purple heart (different post here). When Corrie was a child, she rode with her mom on the very last train ride that took place before it shut down for good. She took a trip down the now Pinellas trail, from Tarpon to Dunedin, as one of the last passengers. As an artisan herself, she appreciated the local culture, the details, the workmanship and the mood of this historic gem in Downtown Tarpon Springs. If you'd like to check out Corrie's handmade pottery and jewelry, find her here. The reception took place right across the street at Currents restaurant. The setting was perfect and the food divine! Thank you guys for including me in your special day!