Family photos - Downtown Safety harbor

This has got to be one of my favorite locations to shoot in Pinellas! I can't believe it took me so long to discover. Downtown was pretty crowded, so we found ourselves mostly by the fountain and the water - a perfect Florida winter photoshoot if you ask me!

Yolanda was my son's preK teacher last year. She rounded up her grown up children (and one grand dog) for the first family photos she's had done in ages. When I started shooting, her husband pulled me aside to show me a picture from his wallet. It was of him and his bride that he has carried with him for the last 28 years. He raved about her beauty and how she looks just as beautiful now as she did then. So sweet!

In addition to being the best pre-school teacher on the block, Yolanda has also been a doula for 25 years! She teaches an 8 week natural childbirth classes from her home and can be there by your side to coach you through one of the biggest days of your life =). If you're in need of a doula in the Countryside, Clearwater, Palm Harbor area, check out her website here. (Even if you don't plan on having a natural birth, I highly recommend birthing class! In TN when we were pregnant with our first, Justin almost passed out in our first class! I'm just so glad that we got all of that out of our system in class instead of in the hospital! We chose an epidural, but that class was still worth every penny just knowing what to expect. And spoiler alert, not every epidural works (found that out with my 3rd!), so it's nice to have some education and strategies in your back pocket!)